New Horizon Publishers was formed in 2002 in response to the increasing demand for innovative alternatives to the traditional publishing process. We are dedicated to helping aspiring authors to achieve their dream of publishing their own book.

Our non-traditional approach to publishing allows authors to retain control over the direction and success of their book and to maximize their profits.

New Horizon Publishers provides a fast, simple and affordable approach that assists authors through each phase of the publishing process, from book design to distribution. We offer authors a wide array of publishing services including typesetting, editing, cover design, and arranging for book printing. We also provide authors with guidance and resources on book marketing and distribution.

Why should new authors have to deal with the challenges of finding traditional publishers? New Horizon Publishers offers a quicker and more efficient path to the same destination. Let us help you make publishing your own book a reality!

In order to give personalized attention to each ongoing book project, New Horizon Publishers is currently not accepting any new book projects. However, please keep us in mind in for your future publishing needs.