My Journey: Poetic Expressions Inspired By Faith

How you embrace the journey of life is a matter of perspective. The road you travel may be filled with twists and turns as you go through fear, grief and heartache, but still find happiness, success and purpose. No matter what the journey holds, you will learn valuable life lessons if you choose to see each experience through the eyes of faith. “My Journey” is a powerful and inspirational collection of poetic expressions in five chapters arranged around the themes of life and death, faith and patience, unity and freedom, hope and identity, and legacy and purpose. The narrative poetry is inspired by faith and conveys heartfelt messages about real life experiences from the author’s journey, which provides insight into the challenges that we all face in our everyday lives. “My Journey” will help you to navigate through the ups and downs on the road of life as you reflect on your needs at each stop along the journey. After you finish “My Journey,” you will be empowered to confront any obstacle in your life and to strengthen your faith as you travel through your own journey.

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Identity Theft: Discovering the Real You


Similar to the natural crime, many victims of spiritual identity theft are not even aware that their spiritual identity has been stolen. This kind of theft may go unaddressed for many years until they face a difficult situation and suddenly discover that their identity has been stolen in the process.

In Identity Theft: Discovering the Real You, DeMonica D. Gladney provides an inspiring and real life, first-hand account of her personal encounter with identity theft. Many years ago, an imposter secretly stole her natural identity by snatching her good name, money and credit. Simultaneously, the enemy began to subtly steal her spiritual identity by attacking her God-given purpose and destiny. Through both challenging and life-altering experiences, which occurred years after her near fatal car accident, Gladney gained a powerful revelation and insight about the keys to reclaiming one’s “real” identity. In a unique, thought provoking approach in Identity Theft, she merges natural and spiritual identity theft together from a biblical perspective to give you a step-by-step roadmap to recover your stolen identity.

“DeMonica Gladney’s Identity Theft: Discovering the Real You inspires victims of identity theft to know the truth of their essence – that although a thief can steal your material identity, your spiritual identity given to you by God belongs only to you.  Ms. Gladney gracefully and lovingly guides you through the journey of stolen identity to attain trust that God will restore all that you have lost.”

Mari J. Frank, Esq. 
CIPP, Radio Host and Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Recovering From Identity TheftSafeguard Your Identity and From Victim To Victor: A Step By Step Guide for Ending the Nightmare of Identity Theft

“The premise for Identity Theft is very significant in light of the struggle so many people have with discovering who they are in Christ and living out that relationship through their life!  DeMonica’s ‘investigative’ abilities as a lawyer make the analogies even stronger and very insightful.  Identity Theft is a wonderful book full of powerful, personal testimonies and insightful analogies to help one discover their real ‘you’ in Christ Jesus!”

Dr. Sonny Foraker
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church – Pearland

“DeMonica Gladney is a dynamite young lady who has a powerful new book that shares strategies and ideas that give you a new perspective on discovering the real you and not letting the real you be stolen away!  Read this book, then re-read it, and then share it with your friends!  She shows you how the best you, is within you!”

Willie Jolley
Best Selling Author of A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback & Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks

“DeMonica Gladney has provided a divinely inspired path to our true identity.  For those willing to take an honest journey, she helps uncover areas of “spiritual identity theft” while providing guidance toward God intended authenticity.  Her true light and spiritual wisdom shine; blessing those who are willing to receive her literary gifts.”

Norma Jarrett-York
Best Selling Author of Sunday BrunchSweet Magnolia & Sunday Brunch Diaries

Identity Theft is a powerful tool for evaluating one’s stolen identity while reinforcing it.  It’s a must-read for everyone who desires to discover who they really are from the inside out.”

Victor McGlothin
Essence Bestselling Author of The Secrets of Newberry

Identity Theft is spectacular!  No other book combines the spiritual and the natural aspect of identity theft.  DeMonica Gladney does an excellent compilation of revealing the spiritual phenomenon of identity theft of a person’s total identification. This book is one of DeMonica Gladney’s greatest works!”

Shanelle Gilbert, LPC
Author of Love That Moves Mountains & The Wilderness Season

“This is a dynamic book that forces you to come face to face with who you are now and the real you God intended.  While hopefully they are one and the same, DeMonica Gladney alerts us to the fact that often we, without even knowing it, allow the enemy to steal our true identity inherited from God.  In this book, she helps us learn how to recover our identity, walk in our purpose, and live life as God has planned.  Congratulations to the author for a well written, timely, and essential message that is both preventative and redemptive.  I believe each reader will be blessed.”

Troy J. Wilson, Esq.
Pastor, Unity Adventist Worship Center

Identity Theft is like an alarm clock going off.  It awakens the Body of Christ to the crimes being committed against the believer’s experience of all that he or she possesses through Jesus Christ.”

Laura Wilcox
Author of Capture My Heart, Lord

“The Holy Spirit leads DeMonica to teach and minister metaphorically by using an analogy, real life experiences, and practical application to help readers understand and know their true identity in Jesus Christ.  Satan and his pseudo (fake) cohorts are exposed and people are empowered.”

Prophetess Monique Lampkin, MATS
Setting The House In Divine Order Ministries

“If you have struggled with your spiritual relationship, had a problem consistently resisting the devil, or lived your life through the eyes of others, you should read, digest and apply Identity Theft.  This book will cause you to examine your spiritual relationship with God, confront the enemy within and cause you to reclaim the person God formed you to become.  While reading the God inspired word, you will laugh, cry and rejoice.  When you are done, you will find that you are stronger, better and wiser than the day you began this spiritual journey.”

Pamela J. Meanes, Esq.
Reverend, The New Freedom Baptist Church

“In Identity Theft: Discovering The Real You, DeMonica Gladney exposes the enemy for exactly who he is: a liar and a thief.  If you wish to take back who you are in Christ, this book is a must-read.”

Madeline C. Kirksey
Author of In Pursuit of the Promise

Identity Theft is a very thought provoking work that captures the heart of God and encourages the readers to take spiritual inventory of their lives.  If you have been experiencing a void in your life, Identity Theft will lead you into a personal encounter with God and place you on the path to discovering who God created you to be from the foundation of the world.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a closer walk with God and the pursuit of their God-given identity!”

Pastor Lasonya M. Stuckey
Author of Created to Prosper: Going From Just Enough to More Than Enough

Identity Theft brilliantly explores this spiritual ‘identity crisis’ phenomenon surprisingly prevalent within the Christian community, and encourages readers to re-discover who they are in Christ.  It convicts us to better understand that if we are the children of the One who created the universe, then as heirs to His throne, the possibilities for our lives are limitless.  What a blessed revelation set forth in such a thoughtful and relatable book!  This book has truly been a blessing to me, and I know it will be to you. An absolute must read!”

Evangeline M. Mitchell, Esq.
Author of Conquering the Bar Exam: Personal Stories and Practical Advice for Overcoming the Final Hurdle to Becoming a Full-Fledged Licensed Lawyer

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Willing to Wait: From Revelation to Manifestation

Are You Really Willing to Wait? Have you been waiting a long time for God’s promises? Are you frustrated because the months have turned into years? Are you tired of constantly watching the clock?

The reassuring answers that you’ve been searching for are found in this book. Willing to Wait will walk you step-by-step through the waiting process that we all must go through in preparation for God’s promises.

Willing to Wait provides a practical and insightful discussion on the significance of waiting on God’s perfect will and divine timing. Willing to Wait offers a profound, biblical view on the keys to understanding the purpose and benefits of the waiting process, including –

  • Believing every promise in God’s Word,
  • Stepping out by faith on those promises,
  • Allowing patience to help you persevere, and
  • Receiving the renewed strength of God.

After reading Willing to Wait, you will learn the hidden secrets to waiting on God and the detrimental consequences of not waiting, particularly for those seeking a mate. Whether you’re waiting on God for a financial miracle, divine healing or a mate, you must be willing to wait on Him no matter how long it takes. As you embrace the life-changing journey toward your promises, get ready to receive everything God has in store for you!

Willing to Wait is an outstanding tool for measuring one’s faith while fortifying it.”

Victor McGlothin
Essence Bestselling Author of Autumn Leaves &
What’s A Woman to Do?
Plano, TX

Willing to Wait is a book for everyone.  It teaches that God’s blessings are ours if we turn our hearts over to Him and walk in the path He has chosen for us.”

Reginald M. Turner, Jr., Esq.
Past President, National Bar Association
Detroit, MI

“Explosive and insightful!  Willing to Wait gives you an eye-opening analysis of what it takes to wait on God, especially for singles.  Willing to Wait is a substantive hands-on guide for achieving discipline over one’s life while waiting on God’s promises.  In Willing to Wait, DeMonica shares practical insight to prepare you for God’s best.”

Kervin J. Smith, Ph.D.
Author of Living Single: The Different Faces of Singleness
Kervin J. Smith Ministries
Edina, MN

“A book for such a time as this!  In this fast-paced, microwave society, nobody is talking about the waiting process.   No one wants to wait or knows how to wait.  This book will walk you step by step through God’s waiting process.  Singles waiting on a God-sent mate, this book is a must-read to encourage and empower you that your waiting is not vain.  Are you really willing to wait?”

Pastor Connie Stewart
Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Ladies First Magazine
Cathedral of Truth
Houston, TX

“This book is an incredible revelation from God.  Willing to Wait is a timely truth that lets you know that God will use ‘time’ to birth the conviction of ‘patience’ in you, so your enemy will be unable to use the weapon of ‘impatience’ against you to sabotage your destiny.  DeMonica, great job!”

Dr. Joshua W. Stewart
Presiding Prelate, Gospel Truth Assembly, Inc.
Houston, TX

“This book is a must-read for all, especially singles who have given up on love.  What makes this book so real is that it’s written by someone who truly walks the talk and has been willing to wait with dignity, grace and faith.  God has truly blessed her life, and she encourages everyone not to settle but to wait for God’s best for their lives.”

E. Jean Johnson, Esq.
President & C.E.O., LegalWATCH
Houston, TX

“The book, Willing to Waitgives an understanding of why God makes us wait on what He has promised instead of manifesting the promise right away.  The author does a good job of explaining what it takes to wait on God.”

Pastor Joyce James, Th.S.
Author of So Much Pain & The Real Deal
Total Man Christian Center
Houston, TX

“This is a book that is both practical and spiritual.  The author does an excellent job of exploring the tension between wanting to do God’s will in God’s time and wanting to do your own will in your own time.  DeMonica, makes this subject more than an abstract ‘what we ought to do,’ but a concrete, ‘this is how God has helped me and will help you maintain in His will.’  It is well done, and I recommend it to anyone who has ever felt like God is waiting too long to act.”

Pastor Troy J. Wilson, Esq.
Unity Adventist Worship Center
Houston, TX

“Are you waiting for a blessing or a breakthrough?  Getting impatient because you want things to work out according to your own personal time schedule?  This lucid and insightful book helps believers better understand the significance of waiting on God’s perfect timing if we truly want to receive His best in our lives.”

Evangeline M. Mitchell, Esq.
Author of Conquering the Bar Exam
Houston, TX

Willing to Wait is an intriguing and stunning book that is a must-read for everyone who desires to obtain their dreams and aspirations.  Willing to Wait enriches lives by enabling people to comprehend and trust God’s timing, knowing that He will map out the best pathway for their lives.”

Shanelle Gilbert
Author of And When They Leave & The Wilderness Season
Choose Life Ministries
Humble, T

Willing to Wait is truly a gift from heaven manifested in the genius of Sister DeMonica Gladney.  I encourage as many people as possible to read this book and put it into practice.  The wait will not be long as you listen to what God is saying through DeMonica.”

J. Goodwille Pierre, Esq.
Past President, Houston Lawyers Association
Houston, TX

“This book is a must-read for those who are single and married.  Willing to Wait touches the reader with a divinely inspired message from a divinely inspired woman.  This is a brilliant piece of work that will transform the reader’s life.  My prayer is that this precious book passes through the hands and minds of millions of readers who will be blessed by learning to wait.”

Rev. Miniard Culpepper, Esq.
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
Dorchester, MA

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Read Theme Poem: The Long Wait
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Reflections from God: A Compilation of Poetry

Has your spiritual vision been checked lately?

Is your perception of everyday life obscured by what your see through your natural eyes? Is what you see an accurate portrait of reality or is it simply an illusion. It will depend on whether you’re using your natural or spiritual eyes.

Reflections from God is a powerful and innovative collection of poems arranged around major themes such as faith, life, love and mothers as reflected through the eyes of God. Reflections from God gives new meaning to the importance of having spiritual insight into the many changes and challenges that you face in everyday life. Each poem will vividly convey to your heart and mind all of the emotions that arise when you meditate on your own life experiences. Although your spiritual vision may be blurred now, it will become clear as your read Reflections from God. What you see from here on out will be a true reflection of God’s perspective on life.

Reflections from God is good inspirational poetry that takes the reader into a spiritual valley of comfort, through life experiences from the poet. This book allows your spiritual journey to be renewed with positive hope and faith through its compelling stories of inspiration. Good reading!!!”

Roselyn Pierre
Author of Messages in the Form of Poetry

Reflections from God is a wonderful compilation of inspirational poetry that makes a lasting impression on your heart.  I was truly blessed and inspired by the book.”

Kervin J. Smith, Ph.D.
Author of Prophetic Power

“DeMonica, I have been reading the book, and I love the poems!  It is excellent! The wisdom you share could have only come from experience and relationship with the Father.  The poems inspire me, comfort me, and assure me and some made me cry.”

Deborah Anderson

“DeMonica, I have read your poetry over and over again, and it is simply beautiful.  Your poetry is inspirational, intense and powerful.  We wish you much success and thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. ”

Karen Moreno, Esq.

“DeMonica, please know that your poems are very inspirational and will be a blessing to many–they are definitely a blessing to me.  I read them all—once I got started, I couldn’t stop.  I especially enjoyed “You Shall Come Forth As Pure Gold” and “It’s Time for Change.”  I’ve read them several times.  I’m very proud of you and how you’re sharing your spiritual gifts with others.”

Linda Nickerson

“I believe in writing this book DeMonica will surely help someone in need of reassurance and guidance from above.  I hope everyone will take time to read the poems.”

Dawn Tezino, Esq.

“I have really enjoyed reading some of the poems in your book.  I haven’t read all of them, but the ones I have read, really ministered to me.  I pray that God will continue to bless and open doors for you.  You truly are an inspiration to women everywhere.”

Bertha Harris

“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the poetry readings and the book signing.  It was wonderful.  I’ve almost finished the book and it’s encouraging.  Be encouraged and continue to let the Holy Spirit minister to you and use you.”

Andrea D. Judge (Danny)

“DeMonica, thanks for a wonderful experience at your book signing.  I am so very happy for you.  Your words were truly inspirational, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated.  It is amazing to see God’s work.  I am truly in awe.”

Pam Norman

“I read your book.  It is off the chain!!!  Let me know when you start working on the next one.”

Robert Lewis

“DeMonica, my friends and I were just ecstatic and impressed with your book.  And it has already been read and re-read by some.  My Mom, sisters and sister-in-laws were also delighted by your book.”

Brenda Frankenhauser

Read Sample Poem: Standing Still
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